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The "Supply Problem" Delusion of Immigration Control

-- by Erik Sherman, Forbes:

That people want to control the borders of the U.S. is understandable and reasonable. You wouldn't expect the doors of your house to gape at all hours so strangers could wander in as they wished. But the adamant insistence Donald Trump and his supporters have for building a wall on the border with Mexico is an example of a mistake that Americans regularly make.

Trump's Immigration Plan is Illegal

-- by David J. Bier, for The New York Times:

President Trump signed an executive order on Friday that purports to bar for at least 90 days almost all permanent immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries, including Syria and Iraq, and asserts the power to extend the ban indefinitely.

But the order is illegal. More than 50 years ago, Congress outlawed such discrimination against immigrants based on national origin.

Trump's Immigration Order Expands the Definition of "Criminal"

-- by Jennifer Medina, The New York Times:

Voting Rights Advocates Fear Trump's Unfounded Fraud Claims Will Lead to More Restrictive Laws

-- by Sari Horowitz and Jenna Johnson, The Washington Post:

President Trump’s plans to ask for a “major investigation” into allegations of widespread voter fraud were met with skepticism by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers — and fear from voting rights advocates that the president will use his unfounded claims to justify more-restrictive voting laws.

The Real Cost of Trump's Border Wall

-- The New York Times editorial board:

President Trump on Wednesday unveiled the first proposals to make good on his promise to make America impenetrable to unauthorized immigrants and intolerable for those who are already here.

Trump Blocks Syrian Refugees and Orders Mexican Wall to be Built

-- by Julie Hirschfeld Davis, The New York Times:

President Trump on Wednesday began a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigration, ordering the immediate construction of a border wall with Mexico and aggressive efforts to find and deport unauthorized immigrants. He planned additional actions to cut back on legal immigration, including barring Syrian refugees from entering the United States.

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal of Retrictive Texan Voter I.D. Law

-- by Amanda Hoover, The Christian Science Monitor:

Trump Poised to Wield Executive Power to Make Immigration Changes

-- by Laura Meckler, The Wall Street Journal:

President Donald Trump is soon expected to seek sharp changes in U.S. immigration policy by using his executive power, echoing the politically contentious approach taken by Barack Obama.

The new Trump administration released its first executive actions on Inauguration Day, regarding the Affordable Care Act and on regulations across the government. More are expected as soon as this week on issues ranging from environmental to labor rules.

For the First Time Since Reagan, the Cabinet Won't Include a Latino

-- by Ed O'Keefe, The Washington Post:

In the closing months of Ronald Reagan's presidency, the 40th president filled a vacancy in his Cabinet and made history.

Despite His Promises, Trump Has Not Through Through His Immigration Plans

-- from the Los Angeles Times editorial board:

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